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Who's Who with Lyme

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There are many organizations supporting and promoting Lyme Awareness -  Please feel free to contact us and we will include your link for others to be able to find you.    Email us at   Together we can find a cure for lyme disease.


       Dr. E. Murakami Centre for Lyme





  Research, Education & Assistance Society


The Dr. E. Murakami Centre for Lyme Research, Education and Assistance was founded by Dr. E. K. Murakami and operates as a not-for-profit Corporation. We hold charitable status as registered with the Canadian Government, thereby allowing us to issue charitable tax receipts.

Dr. Murakami's passion for providing effective and life-saving treatment plans to victims of Lyme disease has been the core of the Centre's existence. His unending devotion to the wellness of all sufferers and his passion for bringing truth and justice to Canadians alike are the driving force behind the inception of the Centre. 

Our mission is simple. To provide unbiased, double blind, peer reviewed facts on Lyme and Co-Infections to those who need to know; doctors and patients alike. To educate the people in the Medical Community on research findings and facts surrounding Lyme and its co-infections. To offer support to sufferers and families of Lyme patients on an on-going basis, and most importantly, to work with governing bodies and assist in making permanent changes to ouLymeChat Forum.htmr existing protocols for the diagnosis and treatment plans for Lyme in Canada. Dr. Murakami would like this to be his lasting legacy; an organization that will continue the fight in his name, and funded by his efforts. The Society thanks you, on his behalf, for your support and belief in his efforts and his fight for Lyme in Canada.



Help with Labs and Meds.



Drug companies sometimes have a form you can fill out if you are unable to pay for meds because you are out of work, you can ask your pharmacist about this when you go to drop off the prescription...

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