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Lyme - What's Your Story


Share you story with us of your experience with Lyme Disease.  What stage are you in?  Diagnosed or Clinical?

Send a picture and let's get your story told.   Email us at

Terri Cross -
Co-Founder WLD
Bit - July 2012
Diagnosed - 2014

2012 I was bit by a tick in Orlando Florida when I was fishing from the shore in a public pond.  Three days later I was on my way back home to Canada from a business trip with a fever of 102.  I went to my family doctor because of a bullseye rash on the back of my leg and was told it was an allergy.  Seven weeks later nothing was getting rid of my new illness.  I was admitted to hospital and spent 9 days in intensive care suffereing from Meningits.   My road to Lyme Disease had just begun.  Eventually  I did the Igenix testing and found out that I had Lyme Disease and Co-Infections.   I still work extremely hard fighing one issue after the other...typical lyme disease.   I felt the need to raise awareness and founded World Lyme Day raising awareness and funds to find a cure.

Your Story


Rebecca Moses
Co-Founder WLD
Bit - Unknown
Diagnosed - TBA

After Years of struggling multiple issues, I was at a loss when doctors could not find the reason.  I began investigating how all of my symptoms could be happening yet no diagnosis from my family doctor.   Multiple hospital visits and still diagnosis was not being made.


I took it upon myself to try and find out what was going on.  Via the internet I started seeing all of my symptons start mimicking a disease I had never really heard about... Lyme Disease.  It did not take very long before I realized I was not alone.



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